International CARE Electronics Office

The International CARE Electronics Office has been taken over by the Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation in June 1997. CARE Electronics (= Comprehensive Approach for the Resource- and Energy-efficiency of Electronics) is a strategic initiative to understand the international & national implications of sustainability for the electr(on)ics industry in the future. CARE Electronics is an independent, industrial R&D network with members from large & small companies & research organisations.


CARE Electronics:

  • Forecasts products, technologies, services & societal expectations,
  • Identifies & researches strategic issues,
  • Provides a platform for dialogue with government, business, academia & society,
  • Initiates and supports a series of projects which deliver sustainable solutions.


Currently CARE Electronics represents more than 70 members (e.g. 3M, Apple, Ericsson, IBM, ICL, Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Siemens, Sony, ...). In addition more than 120 organisations in Europe actively participated in more than 10 running projects within the Strategic CARE cluster project SCARE.


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