ADOPT - Adoption of Best Practice Technology Cases

Project main Goals

The overall objectives of the ADOPT project are:

  • To gain a better understanding of the needs of European industry for future RTD programmes, network structures and co-ordination actions through analysis actions,
  • To consolidate analysis results to identify mechanisms to enhance the potential for “translating scientific knowledge into innovation”, and diffusion of technologies developed under RTD projects,
  • To ensure wider dissemination of RTD results to industry in specific sectors and areas of knowledge in future EC RTD projects, and to stimulate further replication of the use of technologies and methodologies developed in future RTD projects through improved modalities.

These objectives will be achieved through detailed research into the existing barriers preventing RTD result adoption by enterprises, the analysis of the data provided by this research activity, and the provision of reports defining proposals to overcome these barriers in the development of future EC RTD programmes.



Key Issues

The ADOPT project will involve a European network of organisations that will:

  • Collaborate in Task Groups to deliver data and survey results that will underpin the investigations required to determine:
    • The State of the art in RTD and research knowledge in specific technology fields covered by the project,
    • The Barriers that prevent industrial enterprises, especially SMEs, from participating in community RTD research activities,
    • The Barriers preventing the interaction between the research community and industry to exploit emerging technologies and benefit from new market opportunities,
    • The roles of technology transfer organisations in the process of knowledge flow from the research laboratory to the market.
  • Conduct an analysis to extract key findings and supporting relationships from the data and survey results, and to produce:
    • Reports that will identify the best practice modalities for RTD research / technology transfer for future EC programmes,
    • A preliminary analysis of the implications of the study conclusions in relation to the ERA and on the modalities for RTD result take up, and to investigate mechanism to stimulate RTD results in this environment,
    • Analyse data on barriers to adoption of emerging RTD technologies in the areas of expertise addressed by the participating Thematic Networks represented by the STECs (especially by SMEs).


The Deliverables will include:

  • Initial task group reports issued,
  • All data analysis reports available for EC review,
  • Analyse data and provision of reports defined by sectors to consolidate data collated on barriers, and initial proposals to overcome these barriers (This report will be generated in a time scale to assist in Framework 6 programme definitions),
  • Preliminary analysis reports,
  • Consolidated barrier analysis reports.


Expected Achievements/Impact

By the end of the project it is expected to produce the final consolidated report in published brochure format, defining the recommended modalities for future EC programmes to enable the creation of knowledge that is relevant to industry and the free flow of knowledge to European enterprises to enhance their innovation capabilities and competitiveness. The report will specifically address the proposed operation in the context of future proposals for RTD programmes, including the European Research Area (ERA) proposed format. 



Project Coordinator

ARAMIS asbl - Association pour la Recherche Avancée en Microélectronique et Intégration de Systèmes (BE)